Ancient Turtle Sex Fossilized


Fossil turtles have been caught having sex, the first known case of animals with backbones found copulating in the fossil record, researchers say.

The mating turtles may have been caught in a death trap as they sank to deeper layers of the lake, where they were having sex nearly 50 million years ago, the researchers speculate. The lake’s deep layers may have held deadly volcanic gases or other toxins.

I wonder what kind of noises they made.

He’s up humping some rocks
He’s up humping a box
He’s up humping some logs
He’s up all night to hump footwear

Still a better love story than Twilight

Still a better love story than Twilight

Tank apparently likes to demonstrate his mad tether ball skills every morning.

Wait, I don’t think that’s how you play tether ball…

Happy not hump day! Have a tortoise and a soccer ball.

Tortoises giving their opinions on nice legs and daisy dukes.

A honking tortoise having a ball

"What’s that squeaking noise?"

The whole world round, tortoises want to hump footwear.

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I KNEW THIS SONG WAS FAMILIAR (Also, tortoise, but whatev.)

Pretty sure all of the things I post are tortoises. I can’t say I really thought it through when I named this blog. I blame the “I like turtles!” kid.

Taylor Swift and a turtle.